Who We Are

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Sean McGeachy

Designer and Managing Director

McGeachy Garden Design was founded by Sean McGeachy, an experienced landscape designer with a true understanding of how to achieve individual spaces tailored to his client’s needs. Sean has over 20 years’ experience working in and designing gardens and has a reputation for creating bespoke innovative beautiful outdoor spaces including traditional and modern garden spaces, wildflower meadows, garden kitchen and entertainment spaces and swimming pools.

"Inspiration comes in many forms. I find it when I'm travelling, as new sights, unfamiliar landscapes and the way different plant communities interact with one another stimulate my creativity. I find it in nature in that contemplative, therapeutic time spent on walks when the mind can wander freely, without boundaries. I find it in art, in the shapes and forms that allow me to see things in novel ways - many new garden layouts are born this way.  And I find it in company.  Spending time with colleagues and other creative people, exchanging and discussing ideas is a great source of inspiration for me."

Lawrence Martin

Landscape Manager

Working for McGeachy Garden Design since its inception, Lawrence brings a wealth of experience and has been a part of every project installation the company have done.  With a Landscape Management qualification from Hadlow College, Lawrence manages the project from start to finish. His role is practical ad management and he oversees the team and is the point of contact for clients on project matters, ensuring that proects are delivered on schedule and budget. 


Projects Team

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Jack Matthews

Project Landscaper

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Jimmy Denman

Project Landscaper

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Pete Ludden

Hard Landscaper


Maintenance Team


John Chisholm

Maintenance Team Leader

Chris Bird

Maintenance Gardener


Office Support Team


Rebecca McGeachy

Office Director

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Beau and Twiglet

General dogs bodies